Squshies Weekly Recap - Week 4

sleepy cat
Let's' start this weekly recap off with a picture of Hazel! She hasn't made a blog appearance in a while. Cute sleepy Hazel. Now on to the #creativedaily photos!
monkey pieces
22. Bold - Does March Monkey Madness count as bold or crazy? Bits and pieces of my monkey project in various phases. Half the time I think this is going to be awesome...the other half I'm thinking it is insane.

mustache coat
23. Funny - I thought Hazel would look funny in a picture with this monkey mustache I cut out for one of the monkeys. She was uncooperative. Count Chocula was more cool with the mustache. He just wanted a chin scratch for his cooperation.

monkey sewing
24. Seriously?- I'm sewing today? Seriously? I haven't sewn in so long, but I'm finally starting to sew some monkeys. This guy gets to be first because I randomly grabbed him out of the bag of 17 monkeys. Anybody know what kind of monkey he is supposed to be?

primate books
25. Book - Here are some books I've been spending a lot of time with this month as I work on March Monkey Madness.

puzzle pieces
26. Creative Process - This year I'm trying to be better at keeping in mind that I work better when I actually take the time to do other things. It is hard to remember that taking time for yourself can be an important part of the creative process.

sunny monkey
27. Sunshine - On the sunshine prompt day, the first monkey I'm worked om was a nice sunny color.

28. Random - I took a picture of some random toys and what not I have decorating my room for this prompt. As you can see my decorative sense is very grown up =)

ribbon spoolsmonkey cutting
This week I finally got to start doing work on March Monkey Madness that wasn't on the computer! Mostly cutting out the pieces. Spools of ribbon came in handy to hold down all the monkey pieces waiting to be cut. Lots of little pieces.  I got 17 monkey species cut out. More than halfway done on the cutting front! 
Another exciting thing from last week was getting to enjoy this plate of cake!  It was a thank you gift for some cat sitting we did the week before. Getting to visit and play with cute cats and then cake? Those are 2 of my favorite things!
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