Animal Doodle a Day Weekly Round Up 3

elephant doodle
15. Elephant - Ira the elephant doing some painting. I don't know what he's painting but I know he's making a mess. Fun for a piece of hoop art maybe?
cat doodles

16. Cat - A whole lot of cat doodles. Drawing specific cat breeds for possible felt animals is way more difficult than specific dog breeds. I eventually just stated drawing random cats. ***Update- We now have cat breed ornaments! ***

seal doodles
17. Seal - Not my best doodle day. Quick doodles of Hamlet the baby harp seal and the face of Titus the elephant seal.

tiger doodle
18. Tiger - Kiki the Tiger. Looks like she might be looking at something. We'll have to leave it to our imagination what it might be since I drew her right at the top of the page. Doodle planning fail.

yeti doodle
19. Yeti - I think this guy might be related to Otis the Cake Troll. I like his teeth.

whale doodle
20. Narwhal - Since I already drew a narwhal for my whale doodle on whale day, here is a narwhal shaking fins with a beluga whale. Maybe they're high fiving? I think this would make a fun piece of hoop art one day. The beluga needs a little work first.
flamingo doodle
21. Flamingo - Some attempts at flamingos. I'd really like to make some bird Squshies some day, but birds have proven really tricky to get the right look for.
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