Squshies Weekly Recap - Week 3

Time for another weekly round up of Creative Daily photos!
Before we get to that, here is a look at what my week has mostly looked like. Monkey doodle on one computer monitor, and reference pictures of monkeys on the other. I've been working my way through all the doodles, turning the sketches into patterns. Getting closer. There are only 8 monkeys still in doodle form and there are about 8 monkeys at the ready to be cut out phase!
sewing needles
15. Shiny - Not a whole lot of shiny things involved with making Squshies. My sewing needles are probably the most shiny of things I use.

16. Workspace - This is where I work when I'm inside and not doing computer work. Most of the work This month has been mostly computer work.

17. Storage - Got lots of storage! I use the plastic shoe box sized containers for keeping my critters organized. I use the cardboard fruit crates for works in progress and projects to be started.

sewing machine

18. Machine - My goal for this year is to learn to properly and confidently use the sewing machine.  I wrote a blog post about it earlier this week in fact!

felt dalmatian
19. Spots - Here is Spotticus the Dalmatian. He was the only spotted Squshie I could think of. But maybe Hannah the Giraffe counts for spots too?

red panda hoop art

20. Stripes - I was going to use Kiki the tiger for the stripes prompt but Xelpho the Red Panda has stripes too!

21. Your Face - My least favorite type of prompt, pictures of myself! I hate having my picture taken, so here is a somewhat recent picture of me.

monkey pieces
Now back to the monkey madness! There is whole a lot of monkey piece cutting in my future.
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