Animal Doodle a Day Weekly Round Up 2

Time for another weekly recap of animal doodles. Got some sneak peeks of some Squshies we've got in the works for later this year. 
bat doodle
8. Bat - I have had a bat Squshie in the sketch phase for a while, but today I finally decided her name should be Eloise. She hopefully be available in felt later this year.
dog doodles
9. Dog - We hope to add more dog breeds to the shops this year so this prompt was a perfect opportunity to doodle some new breed ideas.
narwhal doodle
10. Whale - It is Vinnie the Narwhal! I've had this Squshie cut out and ready to sew for the longest time. I did finish one Vinnie for a hoop for Designercon. I did this doodle of Vinnie while I was waiting for a burger. 
rabbit doodle
11. Rabbit - Another sneak peek Squshie, a new rabbit. This is one of the many woodland creatures we hope to add this year.
hippo doodles
12. Hippo - The prompt was hippo so here's Beauregard going on safari and as a super bandit? I don't even know. These things happen when I doodle tired.
duck doodle
13. Duck - This animal doodle a day prompt made me realize that I'm extra bad at drawing ducks. This guy needs a lot of work before he becomes a Squshie.
alligator doodle
14. Alligator- Alligators are tricky! Going to be a while before this guy is a Squshie too. I've been trying to make my doodles all very Squshie like, but for this critter I wasn't even sure where to start.
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