Squshies Weekly Recap - Week 2

Another week of photos from the creative daily photo prompt challenge!
colorful fabric
8. Colorful - The corner of the workroom where I keep all of my fabric is the most colorful spot in the house. There is actually just enough room for me in the fabric corner to set up a chair and my little work table. It is my favorite indoor work space. I love being surrounded by all the color and possibilities.
black felt animals
9. Black - Black is one of the colors that I use the most when making Squshies. Here are just some of the critters that use a lot of black felt.
10. These Hands Make - A prompt for these hands make so here you go... these hands make the Squshies. Go team Squshies! Squshies is definitely a  team effort. We both work on all the different aspects of the Squshies making  process and we each have our specialties. This reminds me of a blog post I've been meaning to write...
hotel coffe
11. Cup - I was going to take a picture of the newest addition to my zoo cup collection for this prompt, but I didn't have a new zoo cup at the time. I was in a hotel too, so I couldn't take a picture of my favorite cup at home, so instead a cup of iced hotel coffee.
hippo canvas
12. Paint - Here's something I hope to paint. I used to love painting, but I never do it anymore. I hope this year to start doing some painting again with these little canvases and the Squshies.
empty notebook
13. Empty - I'm about to start filling up this empty notebook with Squshies notes, plans and ideas. My old notepad is completely full. Starting a new notebook is always daunting, even more so when starting a sketch book!
14. Favorite Tool -These scissors are my favorite tools! So much so that I have 2! I couldn't cut out little Squshies bits without them. They're so much easier on the hands than regular handled scissors. I can cut Squshies for hours with these guys. I have a big pair too but I don't often use them since I mostly cut little things.

This past week I've also been super hard at work turning all the monkey doodles I did for March Monkey Madness into more finalized versions for patterns. I hit the halfway mark before we went on our zoo trip. March Monkey Madness is coming together, slowly but surely!
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