Squshie Habitats!

Some fun new photos of Squishes in their new habitats! 
bear ornament
Kelly in California has her Squshies keeping her company at work. Looks at all the new friends Jasper the Grizzly Bear has made! An owl, a gnome, a fruit rooster, Legolas and one bedazzled and armored giraffe. I bet Jasper is educating all his new friends about the wonders of food on sticks. felt platypus
Kelly also has Wilhelmina the Platypus  keeping her company in her office. Looks like Wilemina made friends with an owl too. I wonder if they are discussing Wilhelmina's plan to be World President someday. 
bastian the otter
Chris in California visited us at DesignerCon  last year and  picked up Bastian the Otter to help decorate his work space. Looks like Bastian hasn't made any friends yet. That may be for the best though considering Bastian's love of parties.
Take photos of your Squshies and  share them with us! We would love to see them and share them on the blog. Just send an email to squshies@gmail.com. Also if you made a Ludwig the T-Rex paper toy we'd love to see those too!

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