Personal Projects - Seahorse Blanket

I thought it might be fun so share some of the things I'm working on that aren't Squshies related. I always have too many projects going on.  My goal this year is actually to finish some of the projects I've had laying around for months and even years. 
I really like knitting and will take any excuse to buy yarn, even though I already have way too much. There's just something about yarn! I love it. Even though I like knitting I'm terrible at finishing anything I start. I've got 1 big knitting project I want to finish and 2 little ones. I have actually have a second big project, but I'm not going to think about finishing it until I finish the first one.
seahorse blanket
Let's start with the big project,  the Escher Seahorse Afghan. I started this one about 2 years ago. Last November, I finally finished the first 25% of the knitting. Thinking about how far I'd got in such a long time I realized I needed a plan to make this blanket happen.  I'm determined to finish it! Click the link to see the Raverly pattern.
I realized if I do a row a day I will be done knitting by the end of next January! A row a day seems super achievable. I don't knit everyday, but when I sit down to work on this projects I usually knit quite a few rows. I've made notes on the calendar to remind we when I should have reached 50%, 75% and 100%  on the knitting. 
I also started leaving my current knitting project in a clear plastic tub on the workroom shelves.  I used to keep my knitting projects in bags. Bags are great for storage, but also great for forgetting about things. Constantly seeing it really helps me want to work on it. I've been keeping it out since November and I'm now halfway through with the second 25%. According to my schedule I should be finished with that quarter by April 15th. 
I figured while I talk about personal projects would also be a good time to talk about the books I'm reading.

Behemoth: The History of the Elephant in America by Ronald B. Tobias - This is the book I'm about to start. I don't know why but I really want to read about elephants lately.

I just finished The Red House by Mark Haddon  - I thought was alright. I didn't hate it but I wouldn't recommend it. I liked the idea of how the story was from 8 viewpoints, but they way it was written made it a little confusing and hard to follow.  Overall it just wasn't a very satisfying book.

White Night (The Dresden Files #9) by Jim Butcher- This is the audio book we're currently listening too. Enjoyable as always. I'm not sure if I would've read so much of this series on my own but listening to them is really, really fun.
What are some fun projects you are working on? Anybody else terrible at finishing their knitting? Reading something good? 
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