Wildlife Wednesday

Trying to blog more presents the tricky challenge of trying to figure out what to blog about, something I always struggle with. The other day I had an idea ... if you are here for the felt animals then there is a  pretty good chance you like real animals too...maybe I should do posts about animals!

Good idea? I hope so. You might have noticed that I like going to the zoo from all the blog posts about my zoo trips.

Kori Bustard
Whenever I live close to a zoo I like to get a membership. It becomes my go to place when I want to get out of the house if I live close by. If I don't live super close, it becomes my go to place for a short getaway. I actually need to get ready for a zoo trip this weekend. We're taking a little vacation to the San Diego zoo as a  "yay we survived the holiday season" treat to ourselves.

I also take a lot of pictures when I go to the zoo. I have tons of pictures from the San Diego Zoo,the Denver Zoo,  and the LA zoo. I even have quite a few pictures from zoos in Australia!

I've also realized I'm familiar with a lot of animals many people I know haven't even heard of !  Probably from all my zoo trips and random animal books. I also love learning random fun animals facts!

pangolin in action
I was super excited to finally see a pangolin last year and couldn't wait to tell everyone about it. So many people I shared my pangolin story with had no idea what a pangolin was. I talk about how much I want to see an aardvark and I often find out people think I'm talking about anteaters or armadillos or just have no idea.

My  hopes are to do some what regular posts where I share cool animals and animal facts with you. I hope to use my own photos as much as possible. When not possible, I'll be using properly credited photos I find with a Creative Commons Licence.

I'm not a zoologist or animal expert so I apologize in advanced if I get any facts or info wrong. I'll be double checking my info in the efforts to be correct as possible, but mistakes are inevitable I'm sure.
I've got the first post all ready to go for next week. Here's a hint for the first animal I'll be featuring starts with the letter A...what do you think it will be?

So what do you think of this blog topic? Any animals you'd like to know more about or see featured on the blog?

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