2013 Squshies Year In Review

We're super excited about 2014 and have all kinds of exciting ideas and plans that we can't wait to get started on but first I wanted to take a moment to look back at 2013. This post is going to a long one and full up of pictures!

We had a really amazing year in 2013. Squshies grew a lot and we learned a lot. We added a lot new critters to the shops. 
felt Christmas ornamenthoney badger ornament
 felt animal elephantpolar bear ornament
felt zoo animaldinosaur ornament
Dinosaur ornaments were released in 2013. When we first started making Squshies we wanted to make a dinosaur. It took a long time to get these guys just right. 
 dinosaur ornamentfelt christmas ornament
  felt holiday ornamentfelt dinosaur ornament
 felt dog ornamentboston terrier ornament
Dogs were some of the most popular Squshies from 2012 and  in 2013 they were even more so. We added a a few new breeds this year. I feel like I'm missing a pup or two in this photo round up. 
dog christmas ornamentborder collie ornament
felt dog ornamentdog ornament
We added a new farm animal , a new monster and a few woodland critters. 
felt farm animalfelt monster ornamentfelt snail ornamentfelt animal ornamentfelt animal ornament
And last but not least a new sea critter and one my favorites, Derek the Great White Shark. Also a whole lot of the Squshie got new photo shoots at the end of last year. A new look for 2014!
felt shark
In 2013 we also added a few new products. We started offering customizable felt heats that can be added to any Squshie ornament with a short message.
felt heart
We also started offering hoop art this year. The Toothpaste hoop was the most popular hoop of the year and the Pirate Meerkat was one of my personal favorites.
shark hoop artfelt hoop art

We did our first in person show in 2013, Designercon which was a ton of fun and a huge learning experience. We also invested in some professionally printed business cards and Squshie pins in 2013.
business cardspins
We also made some serious supply purchases. We got an entire bolt of smoke grey felt. It is one of our favorite greys and a frequently used color. We were constantly running out of it and we could only find it in small sheets in stores.  It definitely came in handy over the past year. If we'd only had sheets we never could have made the giant Reginald for our Designercon Display. We also got a giant 10lb box of polyfil. 
We also did multiple overhauls of our little work room. It always feels so great to re-do a room and find better solutions for organizing everything. 
ray and clovis ornaments
We made felt version of the stars for Theory Animation's web series Ray and Clovis.
monster ornament
We also did our very first collaboration, working with Cody from Lu & Ed to turn her monster mascot Gabos into an ornament.
dinosaur paper toy
Our very first paper toy, Ludwig the T-Rex was released. He is still available as a free download.
Last but not least we celebrated Squshies first birthday in 2013 with a huge giveaway!
Quite the year wasn't it? 
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