Plans for the New Year

Yesterday I posted about all the happenings of 2013, so it only makes sense to look forward at 2014 today.

The holiday season is always full of excitement and craziness, with little time to try new projects. New ideas always seem to roll in when you have the least time for them don't they? Things usually slow down around here at the beginning of the year though, which means it is the perfect time to experiment with fun new things.

I spent a portion of yesterday writing down the ideas, plans, and goals we have for the new year and I thought I'd share some of the exciting things we hope will be happening with the Squshies this year.

First is more hoop art! Making hoop art is really fun and I can't wait to make more. I just got some new fabric to add to my ridiculously expanding collection.  The hoop art fabric stash isn't as out of control as the felt stash. At least not yet.
We've got the pieces for a new hoop all cut out and just waiting to be sewn. It is a bit different from our usual hoops and we can't wait to show everyone when it is finished. We also have an idea for a non-hoop based piece of wall art that we think is going to be fun. It is also all cut out and just waiting to be pieced together. 
monkey doodlemonkey sketch
We also hope to expand the variety of critters we offer in the shops. We've got a whole bunch of woodland critter designs that are just about ready to go. We've also got some new dog breeds in the works and we hope this year will be the year we add cat breeds.
 f you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram  you may have heard the mention March Monkey Madness. We've got grand plans to do a month completely dedicated to some of the wonderful varieties of monkeys. This is a an enormous project and I'm already starting to feel a little panicky about having it ready  in time but I'm also super excited about it. I've got the first round of monkey doodles all set and ready for phase 2. 
mini felt animals
Look how tiny! We've also been working on mini versions of some of our felt animals for a new product for 2014. So itty bitty! This is also a sneak peek of a couple of the new woodland critters in the works.
zoo animal stockings
I also finally took  the time to make something Squshies just for me this year, stockings with Reginald and Beauregard!  I love how they turned out. There are a few things that need to be adjusted with the pattern for these, but stockings are something we hope to be able to start offering in time for the holiday season.
This year we would also like to do more in person events, increase the selection of add-ons we offer like the customizable hearts, and hopefully make more paper toys. 
So many things! Probably too many things, but we get so excited about all the possibilities for the Squshies!
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