Felt Animal Making Week In Review!

Been a long time since I did a week in review post! They seemed to be getting a bit boring and repetitive so they just didn't seem very fun for anyone. 
Well this month I'm trying to do the #fmsphotoaday challenge. I've been posting my pictures on Instagram, Twitter, and sometimes on Facebook. I realized they are kind of like mini blog posts for each day, but with a different prompt each day it is a bit more fun than my usual 'I sewed this today'. Here's my first week of photos!
colorful cat plush
Day 1: Colorful
The first prompt was colorful and what is more colorful than the 80's cat? These larger cat plush are some of the most colorful Squshies I've ever made. I've love bright colors, so it is kind of strange that I rarely work with anything but natural and neutral colors.
sewing felt animals
Day 2: Light
I love working on Squshies outside in the sunlight. This year we got a nice patio set so I could have a good outdoor work space. I've been sewing outside a lot the last few weeks, now that it finally isn't super gross hot here in Southern California.

felt troll
Day 3: Me Today
I hate taking pictures of myself so I took a pictures of Otis, my inner cake troll. Someone made a joke at dinner once about how I have an inner cake troll. So I named him Otis and made him a into Squshie. Also I really wanted cake that day. Not much different from any other day. I always want cake.
 felt hippo and movies
Day 4: Motion
Motion pictures count for motion right? After a long day of Squshie making I like to watch a movie, a tv show, or way too many Youtube videos. This past week I've been on a movie watching kick. I'm pretty sure this only makes Beauregard want fame and fortune even more!

I've been super stressed about getting everything I want to get done for DesignerCon finished in time. A couple hours of zoning out before trying to go to sleep really seems to help.
felt tiger
Day 5: Afternoon
On day 5 my afternoon  was tiger stripes. Kiki the tiger takes a long time to make. If I'm making tigers that is pretty much all I'm going to do for the whole day. Her stripes took up the whole afternoon.
Day 6:  8 o' clock
Oops! Missed a day! At 8 o' clock in the morning I was asleep. At 8 o' clock in the evening I was playing a board game with friends. My best friend's cat hasn't been doing very well the last few months so we went to go visit. I actually took a bunch of Squshie with me to work on while we chatted. So even though I wasn't home, I still spent a good chunk of the day sewing.

sewing felt dog
Day 7: What You Saw Today
I was working on emptying the bucket on the right on day 7 so that was my view all day. The critter I was working on just changed constantly. I was really hoping to finish the bucket that day but I was being ridiculously optimistic. I'm actually going to continue tackling the bucket today and probably still be working on it tomorrow. I really underestimated how much was in there!
Hope you enjoyed this new approach to a weekly update!
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