Disneyland Dapper Day Fun

dressed up fancy
Yesterday we went to Disneyland for Dapper Day. 
Dapper Day is an event that was created a couple years ago where people go to the Disney parks dressed all fancy. This was our first time participating in Dapper Day. We'd heard about it online but had never had a chance to go. 
Disneyland castle
About a week ago in line, a guy was talking to Jason about his hat with the felt bird on it. He mentioned Dapper Day and asked if we were going.  We went home, double checked what day it was and made plans to go.
owl statue
We've often talked about going to Disneyland  all dressed up. I've always been reluctant to, even though it sounds fun. I like to dress up, but when you are super fancy and no one else is you get a lot of attention. Lots of attention makes me a bit uncomfortable.  Going dressed up on a day where lots of other people would also be dressed up sounded perfect!
Disneyland Fantasy Faire
I'm so glad we went to Dapper Day! It was awesome. So fun to see all the Dapper outfits people put together. Some people were dressed very much 40's style, others were just fancy in general, and quite a few people were Dapper version of various Disney characters. My favorite was the group that came as Dapper Disney Villains.  
flying dumbos
The timing of Dapper Day was perfect too. We were planning to go to Disneyland next week to celebrate our 1st Dateversary and finally have dinner at the Blue Bayou, the restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. We decided to celebrate a bit early since it would be fun to have dinner at the fancy restaurant while we were also dressed all fancy. I'm glad we finally took the time to plan ahead and make reservation because it was a really nice restaurant,  perfect for a special occasion.
Ariel's Under the Sea Adventure
We meant to take a lot of pictures, but we didn't get to the park until about 5.  It was in the high 90s to 100s yesterday, not ideal weather for a theme park. Even less ideal when you are wearing your fancy clothes. Sadly my camera is pretty crap once it starts to get dark. 

Snow White's Scary Adventure
We did get some pictures as we went from one wonderfully air conditioned story ride to the next. It really was a lot of fun. So much fun, I even took a picture making a silly scared face before going on Snow White's Scary Adventure. I never intentionally make silly faces for pictures.
Dapper Day Dumbo RideDisneyland Dapper Day
Also after almost 2 years of going to Disneyland a whole lot of times, we finally took a picture on a Dumbo! I couldn't stop laughing at the silly faces Jason was making. Dapper Day was super fun. I hope we get to go to the event again in the future. It was an awesome way to celebrate the anniversary of our first date. 
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