Fun with Wire Storage Cubes

So we've been all over the place about what to do for our display for our booth  in November. We want something fun, easy to put together and take apart, not very heavy but also sturdy, reusable, and inexpensive.  
We had a couple of really fun ideas,  but quickly realized they'd be a lot of work to build, complicated, and really would not meet a whole lot of the criteria I just listed above. We finally found a compromise for our favorite idea  that would fit all of our requirements... modular metal storage cubes!
assembling storage cubes
If you've ever used these before you know they aren't too difficult to assemble or very heavy. They are pretty sturdy and they do make really great storage. But inexpensive? A set isn't very pricey, but we needed about 5 sets for our display. 
wire panels
That is the best part though! We realized we already has quite a few of these storage cube sets. We use one in the bedroom for storage, a old set was in the garage, and when I was visiting family a few weeks ago I found an old set no one was using from my apartment years ago.
The only problem is that we have some panels and connectors that are black and some that are silver. Also all the black panels have narrow squares and the silver panels are a mix of narrow and wide squares. With a little creativity, mixing, and matching we have been able to work out a good solution to get colors and panel widths to match everywhere we need them to match. We have enough panels for a good sized wall display on our table, and 2 standing displays.
pieces of feltwire and felt
The next phase in our display is adding  fun and color Wire storage cubes are not known for being either of those things but we've got some ideas involving felt and our animal characters to decorate the display.
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