Squshies Updates - A Collaboration and Some Animation!

It has been a whole month since I updated the blog! That's no good! So what has been happening for the last few weeks?
Mostly I've been working on planning and prepping for DesignerCon. It will be Squshies first show so I really don't know what to expect. I'm trying to be as prepared as possible and having lots of everything. That means lot and lots of sewing and figuring out how to best set up our booth. I'll have more on that when I've actually got something to show. So far it has been lots of research and discussion.
I also spent a big chunk of August out of town. I was on the East Coast for about a week and a half visiting family and helping my grandfather with a road trip.  Last week I got home from my trip and had 2 projects to work on right away.
First thing I had to work on was a collaboration I'm doing with Cody from the awesome Storenvy shop Lu & Ed! Cody makes an awesome product called Mon-stors, monsters made of upcycled materials that are designed for storing toys, games, anything you can think of! I use my adorable Mon-stor, Wubberz,  to store Squshies. If you've never checked out her shop, you really should! Her monsters are really cute and make great gifts.
storage monster and felt animals
So what is this collaboration about? Squshies is teaming up with Lu & Ed  this holiday season for a limited edition Gabos the Mon-stor ornament! He'll be available the 1st of October!  
felt monster ornament
Gabos is the monster mascot for Cody's shop.  It was super fun to turn  make this cute little monster into a Squshie. We'll have more info about Gabos as we get closer to October.
The other thing I worked on as soon as I got back from my trip was some more animation! A few months ago I talked about how I was animating again. As soon as I got back from my trip, I had to get started right away on my second shot for Theory Animation on the animated series Ray and Clovis.  A short shot again, but  those are great  for practice and learning the software we're using to animate this show.
ray and clovis episode 2
Also if you haven't seen it yet, you can see Ray and Clovis on Youtube! Episode 1 and Episode 2 have both been released and Episode 3 is coming soon! I animated a quick shot of Ray for Episode 2, Knock Knock.  
Ray and Clovis is really awesome and a lot of fun. I'm very excited to get to be a part of it.
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