Animating Again!

I sat down to type a recap and I realized I didn't take any pictures this week. Not even Instagram photos. Did I not do any work last week?  I've had a few off weeks lately but this week I felt like I'd actually done something but I couldn't think of what it was!

Then I remembered I didn't have any pictures because I didn't spend as much time on Squshies as I usually do. I was animating!

For those of you who didn't know I spent quite a few years studying and pursuing a career in animation. I started making Squshies as a way to take a break and my mind off my demo reel. Before I knew it Squshies took on a life of their own, becoming more than a hobby and something I wanted to pursue seriously for a while. One reason I wanted to pursue Squshies seriously is because they're fun. Super fun! I really like making Squshies.
felt cat ornaments
Some of the very 1st Squshies!
Having so much fun making Squshies made me realize how little fun I was having animating. Something I'd been dreaming about doing since I was 10 and had loved doing for years had stopped being something I enjoyed. Working on new shots for my reel had become drudgery.  I realized I'd burnt myself out and I needed to step away from animating for a while.

Well that was about a year ago. Slowly but surely the itch to get back at it has been growing.  So now I'm animating again! After months of debate with myself I've joined Theory Animation. Theory Animation is an online animation studio currently made up of volunteers. Their first project was Nuts for Pizza and it was made completely through online collaboration.  The Theory Animation team is currently working on Ray and Clovis. The first episode is set to premiere in July and Episode 2 is well underway.

I turned in my first shot for the 2nd episode of Ray and Clovis last night! It was a little shot but it was good to get back to animating. It was fun. It was good  to work on something little as I'm out of practice and I'm learning a new 3d software as I go. I hope to work on some more shots after our vacation.
Jason has been working with Theory Animation for years. He's been doing a lot of experimenting with different things he can make with the Ray and Clovis characters like this needle felting experiment.  He's currently working on a giant needle felting experiment of one of the characters!

Not to worry though! Squshies aren't going anywhere! I've got about 10 new critters just waiting for me to write their stories so I can list them when we get back. I also cut out 4 new critters and got a few new hoops set up to sew. Lots of new stuff coming!

Be sure to check out Theory Animation's website and their Facebook page.
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