Week of Felt Animals!

Since I seem to have completely lost my ability to remember to take work in progress photos during the week with a proper camera I've decided to just stop worrying and feeling bad about it and just use my Instagram photos.  They're not the best pictures but they show what's been going on in the land of Squshies, they're quick, and I actually remember to take them way more often than regular camera photos. Anyways, on to what's new!
business cards
We got new business cards! If you have one of our cards you are probably asking yourself what's so new about these cards? They look them same! The design is the same but now they're professionally printed! These beauties are on nice thick paper, with more vibrant colors, and they were trimmed with a proper paper cutter. So fancy! First step in our planning for Designer Con completed! 
felt farm animalfelt animal tapir
I worked on finishing up some new felt animals this week, chicks and some tapirs. These critters will be hitting the shops sometime after we get back from our vacation. They're all ready to go except for writing up their stories and listings.  I've also got a whole bunch of new dog breeds at the same point. Lots of typing when I get back!
tiny knit scarfembroidery hoops
This week I also knit a  tiny scarf out of a skein of embroidery floss. It is for an in progress piece of hoop art. Speaking of hoops, I was almost out! I had 4, but they all have something started or planned for them. I hate shopping during holiday weekends but it is unfortunately one of the best time for supply shopping. Especially for lots of small things. So I restocked some felt and ribbon I was low on and after visiting many different stores finally found some hoops. Took me 3 different Michael (all which had none!) and 2 Jo-anns to actually find any, and then very few in my favorite sizes. 
 tiger and monkey camping
I did some doodles a few weeks ago of little Squshie scenes and I made them all vectorized the other day on the computer.  It was a fun change of pace and a nice break from the sewing routine I've been in the last few months. Not sure what I'm going to do with these, if anything, but they were fun.
snorkeling tiger and sea horse
To be honest I've been feeling a little burnt out on sewing. Actually creatively frustrated in general. I feel like I keep doing the same things over and over.
I used to draw all the time. I used to love painting too. I keep thinking it would be fun to try some cut paper art. Somewhere along the way all these creative outlets I used to have stopped being fun. A dread of failure has taken root always making me hesitant and reluctant to try new things. I think it is time to start revisiting some of the things I used to enjoy. To try and have fun with them again. Maybe attempt something new and out of my comfort zone so I can work a little on overcoming of my fear of failing at least a little bit. 

Does anyone else get burnt out on their creative activity of choice? What do you do to get out of that mind set? Any creative thing you used to do that you'd like to pick up again? Anything you've wanted to give a try but haven't yet?
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