Giveaway Winners!

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Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our 1st Birthday Giveaway Extravaganza!  We had an extremely difficult time choosing winners for most of the contests. So many great entries.

Now on to the winners!
felt rhino ornamentfelt hippo ornament
The winner of Beauregard the Reginald's Trivia Challenge and who will soon be receiving a Reginald and Beauregard Felt Ornament is ... Marella C!
felt farm animalcan of beans
The Winner of Winston's Can Contest and a Winston the Goat ornament is ... Christina R! She submitted this lovely can of Heinz Curry Beans to Winston's can collection.
felt animal ornament
The Winner of Mervyn's Knock Knock Joke Contest and a Mervyn the Sea Lion Ornament is ... Amy O! She submitted this knock knock joke which is Mervyn's new favorite: 
Knock knock.
Who's there?
Doris who? 
Doris locked, that's why I'm knocking!

felt platypus animal ornamentcampaign poster
The Winner of Wilhelmina's Campaign Slogan and Wilhelmina the Platypus is ... Kelly L! Wilhelmina liked the straight forwardness and power of the slogan "Wilhelmina Will" and appreciated the extra effort of a poster.
 It was super tough to pick a winner for this contest. So many great slogans! 
felt dinosaur ornament
The Winner of a T Tale for Terence and a Terence Triceratops Ornament is  ... Tessa!
Tessa took time to train with Terence for a triathalon. Training made them terribly tired. Tuesdays were twice as trying. Terence tried two new terrific pairs of tennis shoes to try to take advantage of his triceratops toes. Turns out the tennis shoes turned Terence into a track star. Terence took home the triathalon trophy and Tessa took third.
This was another very tough contest to pick a winner for. You all really know how to tell a tale full of T's!
Congrats to all the winners! You will be receiving an e-mail from us shortly so we can get your mailing address. Once we get all the mailing addresses prizes will be sent out. 
Once again thanks so much to everyone who participated in the various contests! We had a lot of fun and we hope you all did too. This is the very 1st time we have held any sort of giveaway or contest so we would love to hear what you thought. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome!
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