A Week In Squshieland!

I feel like if I keep posting about what I've been working on each week I should think up a fancy and catchy title. Workroom Wednesdays? Critter Construction Chronicles? Squshie Shenanigan Summary? I like alliteration apparently. Anyone got a good suggestion?

felt animals monster storagemonster storage felt animals
So this week a new friend arrived to hang out with me and the Squshies ... Wubberz  the monster from Lu and Ed. Isn't Wubberz the cutest? I've wanted one of Lu and Ed's monsters for a while now, but I've been waiting for the perfect one and that perfect one is Wubberz. I was going to use him to hold my felt scraps but I really miscalculated how much I have. Remember the large tin holding partial Squshies from last week? Wubberz will be supervising that job from now on once I get the bags organized. Be sure to check out Lu and Ed's shop and her blog for more monster cuteness!
felt red river hogfelt dog
It has been a while since I've made Boris the Red River Hog so it was nice to spend the day with him. Working on Chip the Jack Russell I ran into a common problem. I ran out of eyeballs =/ I'm terrible at cutting out tiny circles so I almost always leave that task to Jason. His circles look like circles while mine are something that might be slightly round in places. Luckily he cut some when he got home and faces were completed.
felt animal pieces
Next up was Titus the Elephant Seal, another critter I was glad to see. I'm just about sold out of Titus which makes me super happy. I like it when any of the Squshies find a home, but I'm extra happy when the less popular animals get the love. Not often you ask someone their favorite animal and they say elephant seal. I still need to finish Titus up.
I ended up getting a lot less done this week because my arm started hurting from too much sewing. Stupid repetitive strain injuries =/ I also took some time off because it was my birthday! Very exciting. I got a super adorable Rapunzel doll which I've been eyeing forever! Dolls usually creep me out but I think the Disney Animator's Collection is just adorable. And have you seen T-rex Trying yet? The book is hilarious! Also kind of sad. Poor T-Rex. He struggles so. And yes that is a Darth Vader light switch cover because Darth Vader is awesome.
felt cutting workroomfelt scraps
Yesterday was full of  felt cutting. I like to cut out as many critters as possible at once because it always makes the work room explode as you can see from that first picture. Felt, and bags of felt everywhere. The pictures of the sandwich bag? That is just the scraps from cutting yesterday that are too small to use. Scraps I can use are in color sorted bags. I'm hoping to use the tiny scraps to stuff the rare plushies I knit.
felt walrus face
Today has been walrus sewing. Some days you have sewing skills, and some days you do not. Today I do not. It took me quite a few tries to get these faces this far and I've got quite a pile of flippers to tackle.
cat playing cat playing with toy
Also this week Hazel was cute! No surprised there, she's always cute. This week though I have pictures of her being adorable and playing with her favorite toy, pink mousie on a shoe string.
So did you work on any fun projects over the last week? Do anything exciting over the holiday weekend? Got a fun name for these weekly posts? 
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