Remington the Needle Felted Triceratops

Meet Remington! He's the latest dinosaur in the needle felt sculpture collection.
needle felted dinosaur
Remington loves to read. The only thing he loves more than reading is getting new books to read. This, unfortunately, has made his house into a dangerous maze of stacks and piles and shelves of unread books. You see, it is much easier to find new books to buy, than it is to finish reading the book you’re on. Remington swears that someday he will finish reading every single book he has purchased. This is unlikely, as his favorite place to sit and read is his local bookstore.
needle felted dino sculptureneedle felted triceratops
Be sure to check back as Remington has more friends coming soon. Remember these dinosaur ornaments from before the holiday season? Now that the busy holiday season has ended I've finally had a chance to get back to working on those guys. I hope to be posting about their availability really soon.
The post linked to above also has a sneak peek of the rest of the needle felted dinosaurs.  My absolute favorites of the soft sculptures are still to come. 
Do you have a favorite dinosaur? 
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