Sneak Peek - Felt Dinosaurs

Wanna a sneak peek at something we've been working? Something we've been working on since we started making Squshies?

felt dinosaur ornaments
One of the first Squshies we ever wanted to make was a stegosaurus. We doodled and made quite a few dinosaur tests, but they've never turned out quite right. Finally though, success! We've got 4 different 4-legged dinos - Ankylosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and Dimetrodon.
They aren't ready for the shop just yet. First they need some proper photos, names and stories. I also need to make at least a couple more of each. Right now there is only one of each. Luckily I spent a big chunk of yesterday cutting out more so they are ready for sewing.
These aren't the only dinosaurs though! We've got some designs for 2-legged dinos to work on next. Hopefully they turn out nicely when we take the designs from sketch to felt.  It definitely has been fun to work with bright colored felt.
Not enough dinos for you?
needle felted dinosaur sculptures
Needle Felted Squshies!
Jason has been working on a whole series of needle felted dinosaurs! These are bigger, fancier, 3 dimensional  Squshies. The easiest way to describe them is as soft sculptures. These will also be coming soon! They need proper photos, names and stories also.
cut felt
Felt Pieces
I've also been hard at working cutting lots and lots of felt.  With the holiday season just around the corner I've been trying to plan ahead. This will be our first real holiday season with the Squshies so I'm not sure what's in store. To try and be better prepared I've been cutting out extra of some of the most popular Squshies  ahead of time. It is a lot easier to restock a critter when I just have to sew it  instead of having to do all the set up for cutting the pieces.
felt reindeer holiday ornament
Holiday Season is just around the corner!
Speaking of the holiday season be sure to order early!  I try to restock critters as quickly as I can when they sell out. There are a lot of different Squshies though so that doesn't always happen as quickly as I would like sometimes. If you have your heart set on something please don't wait too long!
This is especially important if you are thinking about any custom Squshies. Custom Squshies require extra time before shipping.  Also keep in mind the holidays are a super busy time for the post office too which can increase shipping times.
Last but definitely not least the Squshies were feature on Marella Clark's blog! She did a lovely post about the Squshies and she also has a ton of awesome ideas for what you can do with a Squshie. Be sure to check it out!
Also be sure to check her Storenvy shop: Marella's Designs.  She has an awesome selection of wreaths and pins. My favorite thing in her shop is definitely the adorable monster banks!
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