Yup. I'm blogging about Disneyland. I love Disneyland. I've always wanted to live close enough to be able to go all the time. Since I moved to California last year it became a reality and I love it!

I lived out here for about 7 months before we finally decided to get a pass. Disneyland is expensive! If you live close enough to go at least a few times a year it just isn't worth going unless you have a pass. When I got a a new job last year we decided to get a pass to celebrate. The job didn't work out so well, but the Disneyland pass did!

The pass turned out to be a great idea. We use it all time! We picked the least expensive option which means we can only go during  the week. We've got weird schedules so having a pass that lets us go mid-week is perfect. It the least busy time of the week so it is the best time to go anyways.  We can't at all on weekends, the summer, or during big holiday because our pass is blacked out. That's good though. It prevents us from going on days we'd probably wish we hadn't.
California AdventureCalifornia Adventure
We usually go about once a week when our pass is good. Once in a while we make a day of it, but usually only for part of day. We often spend the first half of the day running errands or doing work and spend the evening  relaxing at Disneyland. I tried to find pictures for this post but we hardly have any pictures of Disneyland despite how many times we went last year! Going at night all the time doesn't help the picture situation.

We went to Disneyland about 30 times with our pass last year. Getting a pass turned out to be a great idea.  It was a lot of fun. It gave us a great way to get out of the house and it was a fun way to get some exercise. We also found waiting in line is a great opportunity to brainstorm stories for the Squshies! We usually type notes about names and story ideas for upcoming critters while we wait for our favorite rides. It makes it a lot easier when I sit down to type up listings when we already got story idea notes.

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