Summer Weather

I love warm weather, but this week the weather has definitely gotten the best of me.  Its been at least a 100 every day since Monday. Not super fun in a house that likes to trap heat and has no air conditioning.  This has meant of lot of finding excuses to get out of the house and avoiding the computer as much as possible. The computer room gets really warm, really fast with the computers running.
cat, popsicle
One good thing about the heat is that it does give you a great excuse to buy frozen treats! Trader Joe's has delicious frozen fruit bars.  Here is my cat Hazel enjoy the last little bit of one. My cat loves fruit and with it being so hot, it only seemed fair that she get too enjoy a frozen treat too.
So nothing much to blog about in regards to new Squshies. We've got some fun stuff in the works though and I've been busy building up the Squshies Storenvy shop. Going to be adding a whole bunch of new guys there this coming week. 
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