Felt Animal Cupcake Topper Update!

Before I get a chance to blog about the things I wanted to blog about, I always find something else to blog about. I'm so bad at blogging.
Remember the cupcake toppers?  Well we've made some changes to them that we hope everyone will like.  Please forgive the not so great pictures. Final products will get pretty pictures.
squshies felt animal cupcake topper
The lollipop stick still goes in and out of the bottom of the head and the back now has a big pocket. The lollipop stick can also go in there, but it can move around quite a bit more when in the big pocket.
squshies felt animal cupcake topperfelt animal finger puppet
The big pocket though is perfect for a pencil or other writing utensil! Or you can use at as a finger puppet! It fits on my pinky and I can sort of get in on my index finger. Also it is a bit difficult to take a good picture with a finger puppet on one hand and cat trying to sneak into the photo from the side.
felt animal finger puppetSqushies felt animal finger puppet
Luckily there was baby sitting happening at the house today. The kids were more than ready to test the finger puppets. They liked them and I hope everyone else will too. We'd love to hear your thoughts!
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