Vacation Post #1- San Diego Zoo

Of the many weeks we were away, the final week was spent in San Diego doing fun things. Yay vacation! Eventually I'll write about the other weeks too, but I have pictures of the last week so I'm starting at the end. 
One of the places we visited was the San Diego Zoo! This was the first time I've visited the zoo when I was already in San Diego so I didn't have to get up super early to drive 2.5 hours to get there. They also are currently doing the night zoo for the summer so they were open about 4 hours later than usual. Extra sleep and extra zoo time! This is the first time I visited the zoo since I've been seriously making Squshies so it was fun to see the real animal versions.
We saw a Beauregard the Hippo getting ready for a swim and a baby Hannah the Giraffe.
  TigerRed River Hog
We saw Kiki the Tiger taking a nap and Boris the Red River Hog trying to spy on his neighbors.
I'm either pale, or lobster red. If I'm in the sun, I'm getting a sunburn. Applying sunscreen every hour is annoying, time consuming and so easy to forget to keep up.  This gets back to animals, I promise! 
Keeping all my skin covered is super uncomfortable, so recently I've started taking a sunbrella, or parasol for people who like proper terminology, when ever I'm planning on serious out in the sun time. Best thing ever! I still use sunscreen, but now I don't have to set a timer to make sure I'm constantly slathering myself in the stuff. Plus my sunbrella is awesome. More awesome if I had a picture of it.
Anyways I've taken  my sunbrella to the zoo multiple times. This time though some of the animals were completely mesmerized by it!
Arabian Oryx 
The Arabian Oryx were looking out at people when we walked by, but they wouldn't stop staring at the sunbrella. The Lesser Kudu all turned to look at us. Most of the Kudu, in the photo above, had been standing under the shade in the enclosure with the male Kudu. They all turned to look at the sunbrella. Then a bunch of the female Kudu ran over to the side we were standing on to get a better look.
These Bontebok were super interested in the sunbrella. They stared and followed it. They even snorted at us and ran right up to the edge of their enclosure to get closer.
Most fascinated by far thouhg were the meerkats. Almost all of them turned to look at the sunbrella. 
This little guy came as close as he could get to the sunbrella and would not look away. When we finally walked off, we could see him standing as tall as he could to watch us for as long as possible.
I've got tons more zoo pictures that I might eventually add to Flickr. I'll post a link on the blog when and if I do. We saw quite a few other real animal that have been made into Squshies, but unfortunately the pictures aren't very good.

More vacation posts and new Squshies still coming in the not too distant future!

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