I fail at awards

Recently a friend included me in a sort of viral award that bloggers give to other bloggers who inspire them on the condition that they give the award to 10 more people (ans answer some questions about themselves in the sort of personal quiz the internet seems so fond of).

This is the Sunshine Award

Despite its slight chain letter feel, I appreciate the sentiment, and the intent that you keep spreading the love (although eventually every blog on the planet should have the sunshine award if this continues). So in the spirit of participation, I'd like to thank Kelly @ reading with analysis, her very well written and entertaining blog, sometimes about books =)

This fulfills the first of 3 criteria. A little Q&A for the second, I guess I can do that.

  1. Favorite Color: Blue.
  2. Favorite Animal: Stellar's Jay perhaps, more broadly all birds are pretty cool, even more broadly their ancestors, the dinosaurs, are probably the best animals ever.  
  3. Favorite Number:  23 helps me remember my anniversary
  4. Favorite Drink: Thai Iced Tea
  5. Facebook or Twitter:  uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  6. Your Passion:  Making things. I pretty much want to learn to make everything.
  7. Giving or getting presents:  Giving, especially for no reason.
  8. Favorite Day:  Tuesday
  9. Favorite Flowers:  Orange blossoms, due entirely to the honey that bees extract from them.

Well, that was easy enough. Now comes the part where I fail at the internet. The final criterion is to give the award to 10 inspiring bloggers. It is at this point I realize I don't actually know 10 bloggers. I don't in fact read many blogs, and what I do read is really pretty random bits of things. Honestly, I'm pretty bad at the whole 'connecting with others over the internet' business. I rarely check any social networks, my future wife handles that kind of thing.

Perhaps getting in touch with the blogging community is something I need to put some real effort into. For now it seems I shall have to decline this nomination, as I just don't have the ability to fulfill the criteria.

As an experiment, I attempted to follow the thank you links in the sunshine award back to its source. On the way I passed through a bewildering array of blogs, from books and poetry to cats and guinea pigs to something called "Everyday Underwear". Each time digging deeper into their archives to find the award. Eventually, I just had to go to sleep (and admit I had invented a game I could not win). So goodnight, soon I'll be off to get married, but I'll come back to the internet sometime after that... we'll see.

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