A goat, vacation time, and Hazel

One new Squshie to meet this week who is also the latest addition to the collection of felt farm animals.  Meet Winston the Goat!
felt farm animal goat squshies
Winston the goat is a collector. There are stamp collectors and coin collectors, but Winston is a can collector. He used to just eat cans like all his other goat friends, but then one day he realized cans are super cool! Some have interesting pictures or fun text. Some have weird facts, instructions or ingredients. So many shapes and sizes. Cans are fascinating!
Some of the other goats think Winston is a food hoarder but that is just not true! Winston is careful to keep only one of each unique type of can he finds. In fact, he wants the other goats to eat all the duplicates of cans in his collection because it makes all of his cans more valuable. The pride of his collection is an original 1937 can of Spam, complete with original Spam!
felt cat squshies
Its only a few more days before Squshies goes on vacation
The  Squshies Etsy shop will go into vacation mode on June 16th and will open up again on July 5th. 
This will be the probably last blog post until we get back in July, as the first the part of our vacation involves lots of friends and family coming to town  for our wedding. The first of the family arrives very late tonight. Also coming with the first of the family is my cat Hazel! 
Hazel is finally coming to join me out in California. Its been almost a year since I've seen her.  I'm very excited to have my cat back. 
See everyone in a few weeks!
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