Felt Farm Animal and a Tiger

Been busy lately cutting lots of felt. There is a whole pile of new critters I'm working on and I'm restocking a bunch of animals. Now just need to find the time to sit down and sew, sew, sew!  Anways on to the newest Squshies!
First is the newest addition to the collection of felt farm animals, Fiona the Cow. 
squshies felt animal cow
Fiona is an expert in etiquette. She firmly believes that just because you were born in a barn doesn't mean you have to act like it. Fiona holds weekly lessons for those that are interested in improving their manners. So far she has covered Salutations of Courtesy, Invitations, Acceptances and Regrets, and Teas and Other Afternoon Parties. Fiona is a big Emily Post fan.
Some of the animals on the farm applaud Fiona's efforts as they feel kids these days lack manners. Some think it might be a tad unnecessary as no one on the farm has ever actually attended a real tea party. Fiona is determined to bring culture and civility to the barnyard, one calf at a time.
Next up is one of my favorite Squshies, Kiki the Tiger.
squshies felt animal tiger
One of Kiki's favorite things to do is read. Not just any book, but exclusively encyclopedias. You might think that this makes Kiki the shy and introverted type who never leaves the library, but this isn't the case. Kiki's other favorite thing to do is cheer-leading. She is the captain of her school's team and has never missed a rally. 
You never know what the conversation will be about when you start talking to Kiki, but you can be sure she will be enthusiastic and full of interesting information. Everyone loves talking to Kiki because she always knows the coolest and weirdest things. She is so happy and bubbly she can make anyone smile and brighten their day. Her table at lunch is always everyone's top choice. 
felt tiger squshiestiger felt ornament
Kiki has been one of the most talkative of Squshies. Sometimes its tricky to figure out a critter's name, sometimes the story is the tricky part.  Not Kiki! She told me her name and story while she was in the process of being doodled. Most at least wait until they are cut out of the felt.  She's also the first Squshie to insist on a smiley face.
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