missed a week (working on wedding)

Dang! missed a week!

Not sure how to make up for slacking off on a self imposed schedule on a blog no one reads...

Moving on then. No nice finished project pictures this time either, haven't been very photographic lately. Which isn't to say that nothing's been finished. It's just that most of my project work these last 2 weeks has been wedding related (or based in the vague land of computer programs and 3d modeling).

Making progress (I have to keep reminding myself) putting some finishing touches on the t-rex arches, hammering out some of the seemingly endless small decisions that have to be made, hiring someone to do the actual ceremony, finding music, looking for maid of honor's dress, trying to make sure the cheetah can attend, making hundreds of origami flowers out of animal print paper, looking for rings (still looking), etc.

It feels like the closer we get to the wedding, the more things there are that we just have not thought about... It certainly will be nice not to have to think about them any more. Wedding planner is not on my list of potential careers =) 
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