Meerkat and Ninja

It has been a busy week. Lots of doodles for new Squshies. Mostly dogs. Lots of dogs. All kinds of different types of dogs.  It is going to be a while before they are turned in to felt since it takes a bit of work to turn my horrible scribbles into something usable. Hopefully will starts to see them in the not to distant future though. Also worked on some sketches for some non-canines which are just waiting to be cut out and sewn together.
Now on to the newest Squshie!
squshies felt animal meerkat
Nathaniel the Meerkat
Nathaniel is a pirate. Despite what everyone says about him having no crew and no boat. He has taken all the sailing classes available and studied with master swordsmen until he could out fence them all. He has also read every book on the subject that he has been able to get his paws on. He also extremely good at pirate speak which makes him quite the hit on Talk Like a Pirate Day. The rest of the year it just confuses everyone. 
Nathaniel always keeps a hook, a peg leg, and an eye patch handy just in case. He isn't quite sure what to do about the parrot/monkey situation considering his small stature. He is currently trying to raise enough money for the boat, but he can't steal it because it would be un-piratey to steal while on land. Nathaniel claims to look quite dashing in his captain's hat but refuses to let anyone see it until he is captain of a ship. 
Next TheCraftStar Ninja!
squshies craftstar felt ninja
So what's with the Ninja? The ninja is TheCraftStar's adorable mascot.  They wanted this cute little guy made into a plush so I gave it a try.  He got featured on TheCraftStar's Facebook page yesterday and earned himself a few Tweets!  It was a very exciting day!

felt ninjafelt ninja
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