Felt Animal - Hannah the Giraffe

felt animal giraffe ornament
Hannah is a mystery. She gets extremely nervous when anyone questions her about anything and always gives vague nonsensical answers. So far no one has discovered what she does for a living or even where she lives. She is often seen at the library but she never checks out a book. In fact she doesn't even have a library card. There is debate among the other animals about whether she is a spy, extremely paranoid, or possibly just painfully shy.
Now time for some interesting giraffe info!
-have very short sleep requirements, between 10 minutes and 2 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period
- has a powerful kick for self defense and has been know to kill lions with it
- has antiseptic saliva
- are usually quiet but they have been heard to moo, roar, hiss and whistle to communicate with each other 
felt animal giraffe ornamentfelt animal giraffe ornament
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