Felt Monsters

A change of pace from all the  felt animals...felt monsters! Okay not too much of a change of pace because the majority of these monsters are also animals. 
felt owlbear monster
This is Sebastian the Owlbear.
As an 8 foot tall 1500 pound force** of destruction, Sebastian is master of his domain. But no matter how many adventurers he eats, nothing can fill the emptiness inside him. 
What Sebastian really wants is a lady Owlbear to share his subterranean labyrinth with. Despite many displays of his ferocity, this freakish hybrid of bear and owl has yet to attract a mate to his fabulous dungeon lair.
He dreams of the day he can bounce his terrifying hatchlings on his knee and tell them how mom and dad met...
**Felt owl bear plush is not actually 8 feet nor 1500 pounds. **
felt displacer beast monster
This is Percival the Displacer Beast.
Percival has anger issues. More specifically he just doesn’t have enough anger. When his packmates get up in arms about anything wandering in their territory, he just can’t drum up the enthusiasm for the hunt. 
I mean he just can’t see how his pack can take themselves seriously. They look like six legged cats with tentacles on their backs, just thinking about it makes him giggle. Sure they’re ferocious and deadly but he can’t even look at his reflection in the water without cracking up.
So far the Squshies have all been hand sewn. We have been experimenting with needle felting though. Well mostly Jason has been experimenting with needle felting. I've been too wrapped up in sewing. 
One of the very first Squshies we wanted to make was a dinosaur, but we could never quite get it to look right. Every version I would sew looked funny. In an attempt to get our dino to look right, Jason gave needle felting a try. He now thinks it is the greatest thing ever and there have been many successful experiments with the technique. 
One of the experiments is the monster below, Jack the Mimic. This just didn't seem right without 3 dimensions. We think he was quite the success and there will hopefully be more needle felted Squshies in the future. 
felt monster mimic
This is Jack the Mimic. 
Jack loves food. It’s hard to get good food when you live in a dark dungeon, and can’t stand the light of day. Like most of his kind, Jack started out trapping and eating anything that happened to walk by, until he discovered that the food in adventurers’ packs was far superior to the adventurers themselves. 
Now he’s hopelessly hooked on new and exciting foods from foreign lands. Lucky for him, most adventurers are more than willing to trade food for information, like how to avoid nearby traps and what monsters happen to be lurking around the corner.
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