Last of the Bunnies, a Panda, and a Cat

Somehow I always manage to let a few Squshies slip through the cracks when it comes to posting them here. I realized I missed 3 of the bunnies! We'll start with something other than bunnies today though. 
felt animal ornament
First is Laurence the Panda.
Laurence has studied all the crazy theories you can think of. Elvis faked his death and is hiding in secret somewhere. The moon landing is a big hoax. Shape shifting alien lizards run the government. You name it he has researched it and he knows that none of the theories even come close to the actual shocking truth. But he'll never tell because the truth is too horrible! 
His friends would like you to know that Laurence's last theory and the horrible truth he wouldn't share involved Blackbeard's ghost using orbital mind control lasers to cause inflation. Laurence means well but has an overly active imagination that sometimes gets the best of him. 
felt animal cat plush
Next we have Donnie, one of the 80's cats.
His name is actually Donald. Don't call him that though. He prefers Donnie. Not only does it sound cooler, but it can also be short for Donatello, his favorite Ninja Turtle. The TMNT are Donnie's heroes. He hopes to meet them one day and convince them to let him join their group. He is green after all, just like them! Although his parents tell him otherwise, he is fairly sure he is a mutant. If things don't work out with the Turtles, his back up plan is to join the A-Team. He considered joining the cops on 21 Jump street as his back up, but he's just not sure that he can pass as a high school student. 
And last is a bunch of bunnies. Edmund, Quinnie and Gretchen. 
felt animal bunny ornamentfelt bunny ornament
felt rabbit ornament
 Edmund enjoys extreme sports. Quinnie has plans to be the world hopscotch champion. Gretchen is obsessed with coffee. 
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