Squshies- Facebook

So the Squshies have their very own Facebook page and today I finally switched it over to timeline!  Ok. That is probably only really exciting to me, and then only because I'm glad to have finally taken care of it. What is exciting though is that the cover photo on Facebook has a sneak peek at a few new Squshies. Yay!
The Squshies Etsy shop also has a new and exciting banner! The banner is quite a bit smaller than the cover photo so not as many sneak peek critters.
There are also a few more bunnies to meet, Harvey and Zelda!
felt bunny easter ornament
This is Harvey.
Harvey wants to break into the world of stage magic. He plans to start as the rabbit who comes out of the hat and work his way up. He also plans to improve upon this particular trick. He's thinking kangaroos. They also hop, have similar ears, and would be way more impressive to contain inside a hat.
easter bunny ornament
This is Zelda.
Zelda has a huge family, 25 siblings in fact. She is also the youngest which is how she got the name Zelda. Each of her brother's and sister's names start with a different letter of the alphabet. Trouble with having so many older siblings is that she is always treated as the baby. No one takes her seriously, even though she is far more mature that siblings G through X.
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