Felt Animal Ornaments- Reginald and Beauregard

It's Reginald and Beauregard! I love these guys.

felt animal rhinofelt animal hippo
When I working on ideas for Easter and spring animals I drew a bunch of bunnies and a few farm animals. They make perfect sense for both spring and Easter.While I was a doodling, I had the urge to draw a rhino and a hippo, with bunny ears.  So I did. These 2 critters insisted they can be just as festive as rabbits and I have to say I agree!
felt easter ornament
Sometimes it takes a while to figure out a new Squshies name and story. Often I find out when I sew them together. Sometimes it happens when they get their photo taken. Some of them are real difficult and I can't figure them out until I sit down to type everything up. Not Reginald and Beauregard! They had names before their sketches were finalized. and a story before I even started sewing. 

felt animal ornament

Reginald the Rhino

Reginald is Co-President of his local book club with his best friend Beauregard the Hippo. He has found the book club to be a splendid endeavor. That is until he caved into Beauregard's insistent pleas that their next selection be Treasure Island. Ever since, his friend has insisted they have adventures of their own. Reginald, being a good best friend, has reluctantly agreed to join Beauregard on his quest. He does question whether studying mime counts as an adventure though.
felt hippo ornament
Beauregard the Hippo.
Beauregard is Co-President of his local book club with his best friend Reginald the Rhino. He enjoys reading a good classic, but lately he has found reading just isn't satisfying enough. He must do the things books are written about! Go on adventures, rescue damsels, seek treasure, and fight evil! So far the only opportunity for adventure he has found is a study abroad program to learn the art of mime. Beauregard figured this was as good a way as any to start his life of adventure.

I hope everyone likes Reginald and Beauregard as much as I do. They seem  like they have plenty more adventures and stories to share.
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