New Felt Animal Ornaments- Sir Franics and Murray the Sheep

New felt animals! I can't believe I hadn't posted these guys yet!
Felt Animal Ornament Felt Animal Ornament
When I started working on the felt bunnies  I tried to think of other fun animals for Easter and for some reason all I could think of was farm animals. Farm animals are cute though! 
Felt Animal Ornament
This is Murray.
Murray likes to travel. He also likes to pretend he isn't from the midwest. Murray constantly uses an accent when he talks. This wouldn't be so bad if he could pick one and just stick to it. One day he sounds Irish, the next day Scottish, and the day after that Australian. Sometimes he can't even stick to one accent a day. Rumor has it that he once told a story at a dinner party and he changed his accent 5 times during the telling!
felt farm animal
This is Sir Francis.
Although he was never actually knighted, he insists everyone refer to him by his full title. Poor Francis is convinced that he is in fact Sir Francis Bacon. No one knows where he got this crazy idea. It is rather difficult to get information of out of a delusional pig after all. None of the other farm animals care to ask him too much about it. The questions make Sir Francis very upset and he is such a nice pig they hate to do things they know will upset him. On the plus side, Sir Francis has made serious improvements to barnyard education methods.
Coming soon are Beauregard and Reginald!
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