Origami Week 21 and 22

Missed a week of posting so this is 2 weeks worth of folding this time.  We also got a lot of origami from Christina last week that is part of this group.
Christina made all of these cranes for us.
Jason or Christina made these compys and long necks somewhere in the last 2 weeks.
Jason made these guys. The triceratops didn't want to stand up for his photo. Jason has also been trying to create a new dinosaur diagram.  The white one is a close up and different angle of the one on the left. 
And 2 pteranodons who also weren't into standing up for their photos.
Christina made all the petals on the left, glued then together, and even made a flower.She also folded a good chunk of the unglued petals on the right.  Hopefully this weekend we can start getting more of these petals turned into flowers. 
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