Slowest birthday present ever

Considering the fact that I conceived this project at least 6 months ago and I bought the foam and electronic components quite early, it's amazing that it's already a week past Danielle's birthday and the talking Scar hand puppet is still not done.

I did manage to cover most of him with felt and burn 2 fingers with hot glue last night. He still needs felt covering the rest of the exposed foam and a mane and ears. He's carved from 2 blocks of foam, glued down the middle with a big empty space in his nose for a nifty little circuit board that I programmed with 4 of Scar's lines from the lion king.

It's hard to get a picture in there but the four buttons control the sounds, and the pocket under his jaw allows you to control his mouth with your thumb.

Luckily Danielle doesn't mind the wait, and it's been a very fun project, despite the burning, and the fact that I started with no idea how to make a puppet.
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