Origami Week 18

As you can see from above, not a very big pile this week. Jason was the only one who did any folding this time around. Although I didn't do any folding, I did finish a lot of gluing. I had almost an entire reusable shopping bag full of unglued petals. Those are now all in glued petal form. Now turn them into flowers.  I also got the origami sorted by petal size, lilies, and compys this week. Had to add a few new bags to store things in, and a box because our original bags were overflowing. 
The Triceratops has finally been perfected. Here are 2 more little ones and a big one.
There was another duck bill and a raptor. This raptor even has toes!
A couple compys, a long neck, and a bunch of tiny pteranodons. 
I also did some math today. So far we've folded 1304 pieces. That breaks down into 863 petals (or 172 flowers with 5 petals each) and 441 stand along origami pieces. 
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