Facebook, a cat and a bunny

The Squshies finally have their  very own facebook page!  Yay! 
Also meet Tabbi and Sprout.
This is Tabbi, one of the 80's cats.
felt animal plush cat
Tabbi eats Nerds for breakfast, Airheads for lunch, and Runts for dinner. When Tabbi isn't enjoying confectionery delights she enjoys playing Pac-Man, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Number Munchers. She also hates The Breakfast Club as she found the title of the movie to be horribly misleading.
This is Sprout.
felt bunny ornament
Sprout tries to live up to her name, and wants to have the greenest thumb of all the bunnies however, nothing seems to grow for her for very long. Each time a plant pokes through the ground, Sprout gets hungry and nibbles away at her garden. Her garden may never look impressive but it sure was tasty!
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