Felt Animals - Benny and the Brain

 With it getting close to Easter and spring just around the corner it must mean...time for bunnies! 
About a week ago I cut out a whole bunch of different colored bunnies. They are not all finished yet but I figured  it might be nice to share what I'm working on.  So here is the first 2 bunnies!
felt animal rabbit ornament
This is Benny.
Unfortunately for Benny his dad is an aspiring comedian. A not very funny comedian. That is also how he ended up with a name like Benny Rabbit. Yeah. Not very funny. Needless to say Benny prefers to go by Benjamin, or Ben. Actually almost any thing is preferable to Benny Rabbit
felt animal ornament
This is Brain.
Poor Brain. His name was supposed to be Brian, but someone made a bit of a spelling mistake when he was born. Of course no one wants to admit to a mistake like that so his name has never been corrected. Plus with a name like Brain, everyone expects you to be super smart. That is a lot of pressure for a little bunny!
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