Meet the Squshie Penguins! These guys were made a while ago, but with all the holiday craziness and gift making I forgot to share them. 

felt penguin ornament

This is Bow Tie.

Bow Tie the Penguin has a bit of a paranoia problem. He is convinced someone is following him. He doesn't know who or why or even how but he just knows someone is watching his every move!

felt penguin This is Cummerbund.

Cummerbund the Penguin is convinced he is the world's most handsome penguin. Unfortunately they took a poll in the South Pole and he came in at 2nd place. Don't tell him though! All the other penguins, especially his mom, have been doing their very best to keep the poll a secret from Cummerbund.
felt penguin ornamentThis is Trousers.
Trousers the Penguin is obsessed with pants. What upsets him the most is that no one makes penguin sized pants, and none of the other penguins seems to grasp the seriousness of this situation. Trousers goal in life is to correct this serious wrong. He is so obsessed with the cause that he changed his name from George to Trousers. Pants the Penguin just doesn't sound as dignified as Trousers the Penguin.
Now back to work on the latest Squshie project. With all the browns of the reindeer and the black of the penguins I've been anxious to play with some fun and bright colors.
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