Origami Week 11

So far so good with setting a weekly folding goal. Every paper I planned to fold this week got folded, and also the  four pieces I didn't get to last week. Having a constant reminder to fold right on my desk seems to be the trick to success. Here is the pile for this week.
A mix of small and large unglued petals and a couple more lilies.
The compy army keeps growing. Quite a few more of them this week.
I think I am starting to get the hang of the squat T-Rex. The proportions aren't ever the same between any two, but I'm pretty sure I know all the steps at this point. Now its just doing the steps I find a bit tricky better so they aren't so crumpled when I'm done.
Jason made this interesting standing dino and a crow. Also a tiny and a regular sized Parasaurolophus. The tiny one is really front heavy from a lot of overlapping folds so it doesn't like standing.  The purple one is a different model of the Parasaurophus than the ones folded before.
And here are two more tests. The tall guy is supposed to be one of those dinos with the head frills but the diagram was a bit tricky and he didn't quite go as planned.  The smaller guy is some sort of raptor but I can't remember which specifically.
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