Origami Week 10!

Took a break from origami for a week, so nothing for week 9.  
Also tried a new tactic for getting origami done. Since it seems every Wednesday we realize we haven't folded a thing, this week I set a goal for myself at the start of the week. I figured out how many things I wanted to fold for the week and counted out the paper I would need to accomplish it. I kept the paper right where I could see it. Much more successful week! Of the papers I set out, only 4 didn't get folded! And the pack of tiny paper has been going all kinds of places with Jason so lots of tiny things got folded too!
So yay week 10!
 Lots of dinosaurs this week! We both made quite a few compys.  Think I made all the big ones and Jason made all the tiny ones.  These ones are fun since they make a pretty decent dino, but aren't super difficult.
The ones on the left are some of the tiny dinosaurs. My favorite is the red one. Super cute triceratops! Picture  isn't the best though.  We found a lot of origami diagrams for dinosaurs and Jason has been going through them to make sure they all get made at least once. Then we can narrow down the favorites and starts focusing just on those.
Jason also made these awesome raptors out of the scrapbook paper.
There are the dinosaurs models I've been trying to learn. A squat T-Rex and the Pteranodon. I made the big yellow T-Rex and the orange and pink Pteranodon I think. Gonna take a bit to learn, especially the Pteranodon.  The light yellow guy is an entirely different diagram that Jason tried. 
And of course some lilies and a petal pile. I finally caught up on the gluing. The batch of petals from this week are the only petals currently in the bag awaiting glue.
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