Origami Week 8

A full 2 months of origami! Unfortunately to mark the 2 month mark I'm posting this super late and there isn't much to post. Holiday weekends are fun, but they can seriously derail scheduled plans. Anyways here is the week 8 pile!
Jason made 2 test dragons and then gave it a go on the big scrapbook paper. They look really cool on the big paper so will probably be more of them. Not dinosaurs, but still awesome. 
I realized on Wednesday, last day of the week, that I hadn't folded a thing! I spent a while folding tiny petals.  Tiny petals don't make an impressive pile,  but there are 60 little ones and 1 big one that is a test with a thicker than usual paper. My bag of petals that need glue is out of control.
And speaking of holidays... here is our main Thanksgiving day course. Since 3 out of 5 people having dinner were vegetarians we had tofu marinated in an Asian style sauce and then baked on a bed of homemade stuffing. So tasty!  
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