Potato Pile

Our new favorite thing to make for quick eating and copious leftovers is the super delicious potato pile.

It's not so much a recipe as it is an adventure in combining everything you have into one food pile. A sort of McGyver approach to cooking. This one turned out quite nice.

The Pile:
  • Potatoes, all of them, cubed
  • Onion, a big one, chopped
  • Garlic, as much as you can stand
  • Peas, frozen, fill a bowl
  • Corn, frozen, fill a bowl
  • Cheese, grated, whatever you can find
  • Paprika, till it changes color
  • Coriander, till it tastes good
  • Salt and Pepper, just because
Always gotta get the camera all up in my food
    The Procedure:
    Get the potatoes boiling and heat some oil in a skillet. The onion and garlic go in and the heat goes down to a simmer. After a while it's time to throw all the other spices in there and keep on simmering.
    Once a fork passes through the potatoes with no resistance it's time to drain them, then dump that spicy, onion filled, oil all over them.
    Throw in some handfuls of cheese and get mashing while the frozen vegetables steam up in the microwave. Some milk (or milk like substance) might be necessary to get just the right consistency.
    Stir in the peas and corn at the last minute and immediately begin to stuff potato pile in your mouth.
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