Origami Week 5

Another week of origami! All but a few of the pieces in this picture were done yesterday.  Didn't get around to doing any origami  all week but yesterday we had few hours of folding to make up for it. And this week we also had some help from Christina. She made the few pieces that weren't done yesterday and helped some more during the folding hours. Anyways this is the week 5 pile.

I folded a bunch of lilies and some more compys yesterday.  Still haven't leveled up to fancy paper on the compy but I think I'm getting close.  Half the ones I fold I have a hard time with the head and the other half it is the feet I can't get right but it least half of it works out. There was one other compy but he hid and didn't want to be a part of this photo.

Jason experimented and made a hyena and a hang glider and tried out 2 new dinosaur models. The brown one is kinda cool because you actually fold him a mouth and eyes.
There was also this snazzy T Rex. He was made once before with wrapping paper but he stands up much better with scrap book paper.
Christina came over yesterday and brought these guys with her! She even added cute little eyes! Unfortunately the green guys head wasn't folded down properly when I took the picture. She also brought over the dark blue guy and folded the brown long neck and the green Stegosaurus yesterday and made some little stars. 
She also helped me with the weekly petal pile. This is what they look like before they are glued together into the petal shape. Didn't get around to gluing them this week before photo time.
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