Origami Week 3

Weekly origami post!
This week the lily pile and the petal pile grew quite a bit. Should probably start putting some of the petals together to experiment with flower sizes and colors and hopefully then give a bouquet a try.

Jason did some dinosaur experiments and crane altering experiments this week with white paper. Also a try with a weird Ankylosaurus diagram.  The Ankylosaurus is 2 separate parts that are supposed to fit together, but it didn't quite work out right.
These guys below are one of the easiest dinosaurs diagrams. I'm working on learning this pattern next. I made the gray one with quite a bit of help. Jason has been experimenting with trying to make this one stand up better and to make it a bit more fancy. Also a cute little itty bitty one.
And a couple other random dinosaurs and my attempt at a duck.
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