Origami Week 1

For wedding decorations we've decided to do as much as we can on our own and with help from friends. That means a whole lot of origami. Here are the results of our first week of paper folding.

I've never really done origami before, except for a couple paper cranes in elementary school. They weren't pretty. So its been a whole lot of learning and practice for me and a whole of explaining and teaching for Jason. Lots of the stuff this week is pretty crumpled and on some pretty yucky colored practice paper. But I did finally learn to fold a decent looking lily on my own! Its the grey one in the center.

We want to use a lot of dinosaurs but they are a bit trickier to fold. Here's a couple I did with a lot of assistance.

Jason has done a lot more origami so he's been trying some fancier dinos and experimenting with paper options. These 2 are pretty complicated but so cute.
A wrapping paper T-Rex.

And this soft fancy art store paper stegosaurus.

This flower is my favorite thing to make so far.

It is made up for 5 separate petals so it involves a bit of gluing but I think it looks pretty nice when all put together. The petals are super easy to make though and I think they've been a good way for me to practice and get a bit more comfortable with some of the folds.

Here's the pile of petals from this week.
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