pumpkin #3

Leftover pumpkin soup:

Since it's leftover soup I started by chopping up a potato and most of an onion that needed using up. Saute'd in butter (it's not health food).

For some flavor a few teaspoons of garam masala, an Indian spice mixture.

Next all the leftover pumpkin.

Threw in enough water for a soup consistency. Most soup calls for some kind of broth so I added a splash of soy sauce to compensate.
 About this time I realize i should have put some garlic in the initial saute`. In it goes.
Seems most of these kinds of soup are finished with heavy cream (also possibly pureed). Never have any milk around the house so almond will have to do.
Needed some salt and pepper at the end. Also found some sliced almonds (more leftovers) to make it look fancy. Came out pretty good I'd say.
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