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sleeping cat
It has been pretty hot here this past week in Southern California.  I think Hazel is doing a good job of summing up how we've been feeling. It is really hard to motivate yourself to do much when you want to exert as little energy as possible.

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Since I seem to have completely lost my ability to remember to take work in progress photos during the week with a proper camera I've decided to just stop worrying and feeling bad about it and just use my Instagram photos.  They're not the best pictures but they show what's been going on in the land of Squshies, they're quick, and I actually remember to take them way more often than regular camera photos. Anyways, on to what's new!
business cards

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So in my last weekly update I mentioned we were giving the look of the shop a bit of an overhaul. Well it has been done! The Squshies Storenvy shop has a whole new look!
squshies banner
I made a sketch a few weeks ago of how I imagined I'd like the shop to look. Jason tackled the easier part of making the listings wider last week. I thought it would take quite a long time to re-do the navigation but he was able to overhaul that on Wednesday night! 

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I think my hobby is actually collecting new hobbies... Now I'm embarking on a quest to learn more about game design. Specifically for mobile platforms like Android and iOS. This isn't actually a new hobby I guess, since I've been attempting game design projects since high school, but lately there are alot of neat tools out there to make the programming side of things more intuitive, like this: The amazing graphics you see there are my first attempt at figuring out how to create a board game style interface in this visual programming tool called App Inventor. So far so good. I've...

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I've been quite busy this week but somehow don't have any pictures to show. Still I must post something, since I did in fact work on projects, just nothing I've had the chance to photograph.Work on needle felted dinosaurs is ongoing... ideas for getting our felt decorations seen on the internet are moving along slowly... new designs are getting done frequently... steadily learning more and more about rigging characters for animation in blender... wore a tuxedo as best man at a wedding (guess I'll have pictures of that eventually)... and played a ridiculous game of D&D with people I haven't seen in a decade, in which...

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